HUABOLA CALYN Simple Walking Digital Pedometer Step Counter with Clip and Lanyard Price: $11.88 (as of 05/10/2022 00:04 PST- Details)

Track your daily steps: This simply walking digital pedometer record your daily steps only. You can take it everywhere and motivate finish your fitness goal.
Easy to use: Pull the battery Insulator clear tab until the entire tab is removed from the pedometer,the display should now be active and ready for use.
Portable: The Walking digital pedometer is small and light. It can the clip on every where which you want, There also is a lanyard to hang around your neck.



**Simple to use: Pull the battery Insulator clear tab until all the tab is removed from the pedometer,the display will have to now be active and in a position to be used.

The pedometer will be automatically shut down after no step for over minutes.It’s going to be automatically turn on after your start moving 5 steps again, the previous step data still same .

This device only has one button which is use for reset the steps to Zero,in case you are walking ,do not press this button.

***Attention please
1.Please do not put along with your mobile phone or Radiated electronics.,It’s going to Have an effect on accuracy.
2.If you Walk less than 65 steps every Minutes,This Device will not fit for you. Because when Walk slowly will have an effect on the accuracy of the pedometer
3. At the first 100 steps,it May Counts way high than true steps,but after you walking around 300 steps,this pedometer will be accurate to 98%.
4. when you find yourself on a bus /wearing slippers on walking or shake the pedometer on hands, It’s going to not so accurate.

CR2035 Battery Including.

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